While experiencing the serenity and inspiration of deserted beaches,
turquoise waters and the aloha state of mind, learn how to access your own muse
and dance to her song.

Experience for yourself the magical creative process
of two experienced and reknown fantasy doll artists!

Gail Lackey and Marilyn Radzat, well known and collected in the art doll world for the last 20 years, have combined their years of experience and knowledge to put together a unique retreat experience on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

This retreat is not a doll making workshop nor does it require any art experience what-so-ever. This is an opportunity to experience the joy of creating from your own wellspring of inspiration with the guidance and experience of two unique and creative artists. Although both Gail and Marilyn both work in the fantasy realm of art dolls, each brings a unique and fresh point of view, and tried and true methods, techniques and secrets that they will share with you, so that you will be guided in your own process. If you have been creating art dolls, this experience will allow you an opportunity to develop a uniqueness to your art, as you create a figure on a gourd, and if you are new to artistic expression and it's forms, we will teach you methods that will allow you to form your own unique spirit piece. We will guide you to create vessels of imagination...treasure containers of inspiration, using gourds and coconuts shells as the base. You will bring home with you at least two completed pieces of your own artwork.

Together we will visit sacred spaces in Hawaii, walk deserted beaches that tourists would not have access to, enter forests of old banyan groves, collect sea glass and found objects that will lead you to self expression.

This is not a sculpting workshop. There are many books and many workshops that address that need. This is a retreat in which you will access your creativity and inspiration through the process of embellishment, using fabrics, beads, sea glass, found coral and such . Rarely does one get the opportunity to be in a space that encourages such access to one's own creativity. You will be amazed at what you will create while you are here in this inspirational space of Hawaii, with the guidance of two experienced artists.

Marilyn Radzat has been creating art in the figure form for over 25 years. She uses the body as the canvas, transforming the sculpted piece with layers of fabric, nature's elements, and found objects. Marilyn's masterful skills in the art of assemblage adds her characteristic emphasis to the dimensional collage.

Marilyn's work can be seen in many fine galleries throughout the United States and in the private collections of such well-known personalities as President and Mrs. Clinton, actress Demi Moore, author Anne Rice, entertainer Richard Simmons, director Ron Howard, to name but a few.

Each piece stands as a one-of-a-kind collectable, unique and enchanting. The clays used range from low-fired, oil base clays to high fire porcelain. The fabrics used to create the costumes are vintage and antique pieces of silk velvets, rich brocades and other rare textiles.

"I am often called a Curator of Enchantment. I feel that Enchantment offers, in her very essence, inspiration. It is that serendipitous coming together of the unexpected . . . a tiny orange mushroom on the forest floor, a circle of young redwood trees forming a cathedral space, a flash of silk caught by a branch . . . I believe in Enchantment in her highest form. Not as an escape from reality, but as a window into what is possible in that fertile and complex world of imagination. "

Marilyn Radzat

Gail Lackey, a self-taught fantasy artist, began her career in illustration work. In 1983 Gail began to create soft sculpture pieces, and by word of mouth alone, her artdolls began to be much sought after and collected. In 1989, Gail discovered Fimo clay and her love affair with this medium took off. Her appealing and charming artdolls have appeared in many magazine articles and books featuring the best of the artdoll artists of today. In 2000 Gail was sought after by Richard Simmons and the Knickerbocher Company to create a line of fantasy characters, which were released under the name "The Enchanted Forest".

Gail's subject matter ranges from goblins and elves, to fairies and pretty girls, that all carry her own sparkle of whimsey and charm. Her art is in the collection of many celebrities and Disney animation artists, as well as Richard Simmon's, Anne Rice, Demi Moore, Ray Liotta and more.

"I love using vintage and antique materials, especially fabric with an ethnic look. I am always looking for unusual trims and findings to use in my work. If I can't find it, I make it. Often dying and distressing fabrics is a fun way to get the look that I want. I love to create pieces that make people smile and feel good. My joy is to create art that, with just one look, will take viewers to a magical place and time; to a land of wonder and enchantment."

Gail Lackey

Gathering sea glass on deserted beaches
Wandering the banyan forests
Painting techniques
Embellishment finishes
A vision process to find your inner muse
An abundance bowl with embellishment techniques
A vessel to hold your imagination
Visit the largest Heiau ( sacred space ) on Oahu, poised on a pali
overlooking Waimea Bay. They call this one Pu'u O Mahuka.
Visit Waimea Falls, located in the beautiful 1,800-acre Waimea Falls Park.
Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center to experience the traditions
of the islands of the South Pacific.
Enjoy the inspiration of being a part of a circle of women.
Return home with a finished piece of artwork

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please email ikons@hawaii.rr.com

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